PLAR English Resources


  1. I am still teaching at Wahsa, but I am now working on a new project, which means that I am no longer the PLAR English teacher.

  2. Please keep working on your PLAR English course independently and keep submitting your work. It will be marked by a different teacher.

  3. Also, in Term 1B, starting November 14th, PLAR English will be available on SMART Bridgit. 

The following PLAR English resources are here in case you need them (click on the links below to see each resource):

  1. Term 2B class recordings and notes
  2. Spelling and Grammar
  3. Writing a Resume
  4. YouTube channel with class recordings from Term 2B (available until new recordings are posted)
  5. YouTube, “Supplementary Videos” channel (spelling, grammar, and resume writing videos will always be available)
  6. All PLAR English resources on Dropbox (NOTE: Some of the documents that are available could change, either next term or later.)

This fall, I will be making this website into a home for something new. I will be using some resources that I have already created, and I will also be adding new resources. Most new resources will be available by January 2018, but more could be added after that date as well. 

I would like to thank everyone who has been visiting my site so far, and I hope that you will return to see new, exciting resources, as they become available.

Home | Looking for class notes from Term 2B? Click here.  

MORE: Spelling and Grammar | Write a Resume

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