Do you need help?

You have three options:

(1) search for a topic on this website,

(2) access resources on Dropbox, or

(3) contact me for help.

Instructions for each option:

1. Use the “Search by topic” option on this site by clicking or tapping on the icon that looks like a folder.

That will open the folder and show a”SEARCH” box.


2. View all of the PLAR English resources in one place by clicking on the option to go to “All files on Dropbox” on the left-hand side of the page.

See the picture of the link here, or click on the picture below:img_1718

3. Contact your new PLAR English teacher (Bonnie Osmond). Remember that I am working on a new project for Wahsa this year, but you can still get PLAR English resources from this website. An easy way to connect with Bonnie is on Facebook: BOsmond Wahsa

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